Foto door Maeve Stam

Léon Hendrickx

High-end Advertising photography for the Creative Industry next to Creative Commercial Photography. Those are the things I enjoy the most: to work with the people that understand their trade to the utmost. I've got 10 years of experience in photography of which I've got 5 years of specialised advertising experience. I'm a flexible guy and like to work hard for your money. And when budgets fail for bitchin' concepts I kick in some extra creativity. Just because I love photography and never settle for less than an amazing outcome. 

Recent clients include HEMA stores, HEINEKEN beer, MAGNUM icecream, AXE deodorant, MILNER cheese, JOSEPH GUY cognac, NATIONALE NEDERLANDEN insurances, DE VOLKSKRANT newspapers, TED GLOBAL seminaries, and more. 
Agencies are (amongst others) 180 Amsterdam, We Are Pi, TBWA, JWT Amsterdam, FHV, CONTAIN.R, THEY, KESSELSKRAMER. 

Did you know that besides photography campaigns I love to make STOP-MOTION clips?

For info and bookings, concerning commercial assignments, please contact my agent Rachel Franke

M: +31 (0)6 16 58 26 41