Theatergroep SLAPELOZEN

Theater group Slapelozen assigned me their new project, titled 'Familie Nederland' (trans.: Family Netherlands). Together with the awesome graphical designer Martin Pyper, we devised and realised a poster sequence ( in a series of five). We came up with this idea, because the main play (about Family) was to be preceded by four smaller versions of the actual play, which each portrayed a fraction of that Family: Mothers & Sons was followed by Fathers & DaughtersBrothers & SistersGrandmas & Grandpas and finally culminating in the larger production Family Netherlands

Just as the themes of the five plays are all interconnected with the greater  and overall theme, we decided that all five posters became part of the same larger image. We cropped this one down to single out the smaller 'family' units. 



Art Direction & Graphical Design: Martin Pyper

Photography & Post Production: Léon Hendrickx

Make-Up Artist: Romy De Borst

Styling: Slapelozen