TED Global - TED talks

In a collaboration with paper artist Mandy Smith, a small stop-motion animation was made as an assignment from agency WE ARE PI. As usual mandy delivered all the paperwork, meticulously crafted. She was also in charge of directing the piece. It was a long session of animating and we worked throughout an entire fortnight to complete all the shots. As a whole, this little video was made in a production time -- start of concept to finish as a whole -- of 1 week!

Once finished the animation's purpose was to introduce individual speakers about a TED-GLOBAL theme 'Radical Openness,' during a TED-talk held in Edinburg in june 2012.  


Director/ Art Director / Animator: Mandy Smith 
DOP/ Stop-motion tech.: Leon Hendrickx 
Editor: Michael Moore
Sound: Michael Kneebone
Agency: We Are Pi